About Us

Since 1999 Geomerx has provided cost-effective restaurant eCommerce systems with broad functionality and seamless POS integration. We give you everything you need to operate a truly affordable and efficient eCommerce site.

Geomerx is a pioneer in developing online ordering for restaurants. We developed the first viable online ordering system over 13 years ago and continue to be the choice of discerning restaurants.

At Geomerx we believe a restaurant online ordering site should market the restaurant and its food, not the ordering system. That's why creating branded sites for our clients is so important to us.

Since its inception, Geomerx has processed millions of orders for hundreds of restaurants. We service everything from small delis, bakeries, and single-location pizza restaurants up to and including multi-store chains. No restaurant or chain is too small or too large not to benefit by using the Geomerx system, and everyone receives the same level of service and attention to detail no matter the number of units.

With Geomerx as a partner you get a company with additional systems that support your restaurant, group or chain. We program and implement custom systems tailored to your specific needs.

Our Commissary System is an online component that supports a distribution operation which supplies local restaurants or stores with food, products and supplies. Online and in real time, you can get production reports, picking tickets and vendor PO's.

Our Favorite Soup System lets customers vote for their favorite soups, shows details of the votes tallied, and automatically notifies them when their choices are on the menu at their location. This is a popular option, providing customers with a real-time benefit that boosts restaurant sales and helps keep your site "sticky".



New Jersey (2 locations)

"Geomerx provided more than online ordering. Their system let us communicate our rotating soup menu to our customers via opt in/out email on a daily basis. The "Vote for Your Favorite Soup" system was great for the customers and an excellent marketing tool. Thanks!"

Flavors Cafe

New York (4 locations)

"We have been with Geomerx for several years and the new graphic site lets our customers to see our food. The catering options are tremendous and allow our customers to order catering right from the same website as their regular orders. It's fantastic."

Sulton Wok/Shogun

New Jersey

"Our locations have benefited tremendously by online ordering provided by Geomerx. The outstanding reliability, great service and responsive support are all hallmarks of Geomerx. It’s been great to do business with them."

Gigi/Tasty Cafes

New York (6 locations)

"We use the Geomerx graphic system to display our food online to our customers. Emailing the daily specials to our email list is a snap using the marketing tools, and since the orders are sent to our POS system the restaurant operation runs smoothly for delivery and takeout orders."