We provide each restaurant location with its own customized website using your logo, colors, and menu for a professional look and feel

Full Features

Geomerx provides state-of-the-art features designed to help you sell more and give you complete control over your online presence!



Match your existing site or create a totally new eCommerce and story-telling site — all running on Geomerx — for one low price. Your website, logo, colors, and menu are presented with easy-to-use navigation to keep your customers happy!



Simple menu management of prices, daily specials and hourly menu availability reduces customer service by controlling menu item availability automatically. And our wizards enable multi-unit chains to easily manage menus and pricing!



Easily send email specials to your customers, create loyalty programs, rewards and coupons to bring repeat customers back to your site, and welcome new customers with coupons or reward points — all automatically!


Whether you're building a brand from the ground up or implementing a design refresh for an existing restaurant, group or chain, you'll love the advantages Geomerx offers

Information always at your finger tips

Check orders and get reports on web activity right on your phone. Stay up to date and on top of your online business. Receive orders on your mobile device to stay connected with your site.

Graphic site design showcases your food

Choose the Geomerx graphic site with pictures of your food to enhance your customers' website ordering experience and increase online sales.

Menu management from any web enabled device

Control all the functions of your website through easy-to-use management wizards. Change prices, manage categories, set delivery and take-out parameters right on your web enabled device.

Create Rewards Programs and Email Campaigns

Design a rewards program to keep customers coming back. It's all automatic with Geomerx. Create and email coupons to customers to announce new products and promote high margin products.

Keep customers up-to-date on menu changes

Automatically let your customers know about daily specials through email blasts sent to them overnight. Great for introducing new products, promotions and seasonal menu changes.

What does it cost?

Geomerx works on a fixed fee basis — not a percentage of sales — with an affordable one-time startup fee to build your site and install the menu and other information needed to give you a complete and branded online ordering website.

Mercury/Vantiv Partnership

This provides 100% security for all credit card transactions. Customers enter and optionally save their credit cards for future use. All processing takes place on the Mercury/Vantiv site. Geomerx does not touch the cards nor does it store any card data. Charges are posted directly to the restaurant's bank account.

Swift Delivery System

Swift, a food delivery application, lets restaurant chains in a concentrated area maximize delivery personal. It tracks orders at multiple locations and lets you assign the delivery to anyone, reducing the number of delivery personnel needed and improving the experience for the your customers.

Delivery Zone function

Now restaurant operators can define delivery areas via an embedded google map. The delivery zone is drawn on the map and orders are qualified by matching the address against the delivery zone. If they are out of the zone the order is rejected and the customer is shown the areas available for delivery.